Issue 3: Shown and Found


Featuring:  Alice Bag, Khafre Abif, Alberto Botella, Cazuza, Concha Buika, Traumfrau Brighton, Margaret Cho, Dylan Closser, Eliel Cruz, Lili St. Cyr, Kevin Edwards, Debra Harry,  Alex Hanson, Tania Israel, Marsha P. Johnson, Grace Jones, June Jordan, Kari Krome, Efrain Gonzalez, Kelly Mantle, Miss Missy, Nickolas Murray, Verity Ritchie, Carl Van Vechten, Edward Weston, Hew Wolff.

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Published by: Larker Anthology

An independent anthology celebrating the visual heritage of the resilient communities under the bisexual umbrella. Published annually in New York City since 2013.